Home Owners Want More Color in Their Houses

Seventy-four percent of home owners say they want more pops of color in their houses, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Sherwin-Williams.

Twenty-nine percent of home owners surveyed say the living room or family room are the areas of a home that they’re most looking to spice up with color, according to the survey. Nineteen percent of respondents said they want a more colorful bedroom, and 10 percent said the kitchen.

While grays and beiges are still the most popular choices, more home owners are reaching for colors like burnt orange and baked clay as well. They’re also showing more willingness to incorporate pops of color in social areas of the home “because it’s an environment you want to feel energetic in,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams.

About 39 percent of home owners say the artwork is the most colorful element in their homes, not their walls. However, 23 percent of home owners polled cited the walls as the most colorful element in a home, making it the second most-popular response in the survey.

Source: “Bright Ideas for Colorful Homes,” The Wall Street Journal